About Us


TMG Media Direct is a full-service traditional and digital automotive marketing agency based in Melville, New York (Long Island). The seeds of the company started over 15 years ago in the marketing/media industry with a vision to not be a typical advertising agency. The founder of TMG Media Direct believes customer service and customer relations are the life-blood of any businesses success, combined with the company’s actual heartbeat, it’s internal staff. With TMG, the two join together in order to be that well oiled sales generating machine customers talk about in their testimonials.

TMG Media Direct at present houses a full creative staff of long term dedicated permanent employees. The combined growth of the company, it’s many years in business, the loyalty of TMG customers, and the tenure of TMG employees has given the company well over 20 years in the media/advertising business and has created an unstoppable force with regard to media communication in the New York Metropolitan and Tri-State areas. TMG Media Direct’s reputation is strengthened by an employee team that is recognized for its knowledge of the mailing industry and for being a friendly resource in helping it’s customers prepare successful full service direct mail and media campaigns and corporate communication strategies. And with company employees and customers liking each other and learning from each other, TMG Media will continue to be a presence that shapes the advertising and marketing industry.