Simply Said…Post Cards Are Awesome!

Postcards achieve an almost 100% readership and get impressive responses while being inexpensive and simple to use. With TMG Media’s full spectrum of services, we design, print and mail your postcard to a customized mailing list, taking full advantage of discounted automation rate postage, for a lower cost and easier than if you did it yourself. We draw from years of experience to ensure your success.

Postcards are produced quickly and easily. There are only two sides to fill with your marketing design. And part of one side is taken up with the address and postal indicia. Postcard design, print and mail production times are less than virtually all other forms of direct mail marketing.

Direct mail postcards are less expensive than all the direct mail formats next to generic flyers. They are cheaper to design and print. With a post card mailing campaign, your business can reach thousands of new customers without breaking your advertising budget!

Check your mailbox. You are likely to have received a number of letters, flyer advertisements and, maybe even a self-mailer. How many of these items are never opened or even surveyed? Postcards are a good choice because their color and ease of readability stand out in your prospect’s mailbox.

Postcards get to the point much quick than letter and envelope mailings or self mailers sealed with a tab or gummy glue. You make your strongest selling promise within seconds, presenting your offer, and calling the prospective customer to action. You re not wasting your prospect customer’s time, but delivering the sales message immediately.

All TMG Media designed Post Cards are 100% customizable, printed in spot or full color on either 1 or 2 sides and can be designed in just about any dimension! Common sizes are 4×6, 5×7, 6×9, and 9×12. Larger sizes are possible and usually are folded in half to be come self mailers.